A Shortage of Books on Tomcat

If I’m not wrong to assume that a book that’s primarily on Apache’s web servlet Tomcat project should have “Tomcat” in the title, this list of books and their publication years suggests that nobody’s writing new books or updating their old ones.  By the way, I’m using Tomcat 8, for where there seem to be no books.  Even Amazon.com has no English-language books with “Tomcat 8” as part of its title.

Beginning JSP, JSF and Tomcat: Java Web Development

Apache Tomcat 7 Essentials

Apache Tomcat 7

Tomcat 6 Developer’s Guide

Tomcat: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition

Professional Apache Tomcat 6

How Tomcat Works: A Guide to Developing Your Own Java Servlet Container

Booting Linux on Mac Hardware

There are two ways to boot flavors of Linux on Mac hardware:

  1. Boot from an external device, such as a USB stick
  2. Dual-boot

Per answers like those provided at How-To Geek,  the fundamental problem of booting non-Mac operating systems on Macs is the unique Apple EFI code.

My situation is complicated by having a 32-bit EFI on the original Mac Pro, which requires a hack even to boot a modern Mac OS X version.

Unfortunately, I’ve had little luck even on my recent Macbook Pro trying to boot from a USB drive.  While Linux succeeds in the initial boot phase, it gets lost trying to start XWindows.

Supposedly,  rEFInd is the relevant tool.